Bennett Yarger Executive Search


Leadership requirements have always, and always will continue to evolve, and the demand for high-performing, high-value executives remains constant. Identifying, attracting and securing this talent requires a thorough understanding of various industries and a host of functional roles, unparalleled access to senior executives and impeccable judgment.

Bennett Yarger consultants possess the proven assessment tools needed to attract, recruit and retain leaders who have all of the necessary skills, experience and personal qualities to advance your company’s strategies and achieve world-class results.

Bennett Yarger LLC specializes in providing executive search and management consulting services for local, regional and state governments, public authorities, educational institutions, human service groups and advocacy organizations.

Our consulting and executive search staff are all full-time professionals, each with extensive management background as key executives in civic enterprises including local and state governments, educational institutions, human service providers and non profit organizations.

Bennett Yarger provides services which strengthen the management and leadership of government and nonprofit organizations.

We are successful as recruiters because we identify candidates whose strong management orientation and experience with civic agencies is coupled with commitment to public service.

We perform studies that provide executives, administrators, and policy board members the tools to improve organizational performance. As management consultants we prescribe solutions and practices that improve the performance of those organizations. Our clients use the results of our management studies to make a multitude of daily operating and financial decisions.

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Some of Our Current Positions:

We encourage all applicants and potential applicants to contact us and request a consultation prior to submitting an application package. During the consultation, we will conduct an initial screening, discuss your qualifications and if we agree that one of our positions might be a match for you, we will send out our application package.